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For certain applications, engineered eucalyptus wood can be used as an alternative to solid eucalyptus. Natural Eucalyptus flooring has the beautiful look and wood grain associated with white oak but feature twice the hardness, solid click lock construction for easy DIY installation and all the eco benefits of a rapidly renewable material. Sch n Engineered Quick Clic- 3 8" x 5" Strand Eucalyptus Engineered Flooring- 30 Year Warranty Sch n Quick Clic engineered flooring is constructed with a real hardwood veneer atop a moisture-resistant HDF core (high density fiberboard) which is made from real wood fibers that are compressed into a dense, impact-resistant format. About Strand Woven Flooring Rating over 3,000 on the Janka Hardness Scale, you'll find that eucalyptus flooring will be more durable than most any wood floor on the market. Beauty, durability and unique style are some of the traits that brand Eucalyptus hardwood as an exotic species. You searched for:Eucalyptus SORT. The visual and aesthetic appeal of Eucalyptus hardwood rivals that of both bamboo and cork flooring, and provides a refreshing presence in the home. When installing a floor in areas more prone to high humidity or variations in moisture, engineered eucalyptus flooring might be preferred. Eucalyptus flooring is often half the price of traditional wood flooring. Life-Proof - Registering at over 3000 on the Janka Hardness Scale, Eucalyptus is one of the toughest flooring options on the market.